The Light Druid’s Prayer

Beloved Source of all Life, from whom all life-giving love flows and returns, in the Great Way of Things. Sacred and Holy are You.

May we ever feel the flow of Your Divine Presence in every moment of every day, and in every living thing.

Provide us forever with your bounty of nourishment and abundance in all forms, and teach us to trust in this everlasting outpouring.

Teach us to walk in peace and harmony with every creature, field, and flower.

Guide us to know only your Truth and give us courage to honor and protect this Truth 

And keep us from that which is not in alignment with Your Blessings

and Your Grace. 

For You are the Love that encompasses us, guides us, heals us, and upholds us,

And we choose to be emanations of Your Sacred Flame as we shine like the Rising Sun, bringing Light and Warmth to the world in which we live.

Today and Always

Be it so.