ONGOING WEEKLY CLASSES – The Path of the Druid

Join Druid Linda Mae every Monday at 6:00pm in the Chapel at Unity of Sedona for a study group dedicated to a deep and rich understanding of the Druid Path. It is open to the public and those new or experienced with earth-based studies. We will cover both beginning to advanced topics from various sources, including the history of the Druids based on mythology and archeological discoveries, the cycles of Nature and how to apply them in our own lives, and some of the deeper sacred practices and ceremonies that are still applicable today. These classes can also be included as part of the Initiate’s program.


Druid Linda Mae holds a ceremony commemorating each of the High Days in the Wheel of the Year. These ceremonies are usually held at Unity Peace Park (lawn area) close to or on the actual day of the event. Please check our Facebook page for exact times and dates.

High Days: Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox

As ordained clergy, Druid Linda Mae is available to perform rites of passage, including:

• Baby Blessings

• Handfastings and Marriages

• Funeral Rites

• Any occasion where blessings of clergy are desired

INTUITIVE READINGS – Currently available as a reader by phone or in person. Call to schedule an appointment: 602-722-2562

Druid Animal Oracle

The Druid Animal Oracle was created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. The Druids revere animals as sacred guides, guardians, and protectors. Drawing upon the wisdom of the animal world from the wellspring of ancient Celtic traditions, great insights and positive guidance are revealed.

Arthurian Tarot

The Arthurian Tarot was developed by Caitlin and John Matthews. Based upon traditional tarot, the Arthurian Tarot uses the richly archetypal symbolism of the living mythos of the Round Table to get to the depth of any situation or experience.

 Celtic Tree Oracle or Ogham Readings

The Celtic Tree Oracle also known as Ogham, is an Irish alphabet that seems to have come into use around the 4th or 5th century. Originally, on a mundane level, the letters were used to mark boundaries, but there is also evidence of magical use, and today they are often used as a form of divination, much in the same way as Runes.


Numerology readings

 Anam Cara Soul Counseling (click on link for more information)

The practice of ANAM CARA is the practice of traveling with your soul to find out answers to your trickiest questions. The session usually takes 60-90 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on what you need to find out.

Using light trance techniques, Druid Linda relaxes you into a deep level of consciousness, where, through a series of guided questions,  you can access information directly from your soul.

Holistic Life Coaching(click on link for more information)

We are complex beings…. spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical….  all rolled into one amazing person.

Sometimes, though, your life isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like. Often, this is due to something that is not quite right, a little off-kilter. It could be an old wound from the past. It could be trying to live up to other people’s expectations, rather than following your own heart. It could be the conditioning you received from parents or teachers or religious leaders, or even the media. Whatever it is, you need a little help to get back on track. This is what we offer.