Full Harvest Moon in Pisces/Virgo on Sept 20th

The moon will be full on Sept 20th, 2021 at 4:55 pm AZ time. This is a fun full moon due to positive aspects to Jupiter and Mercury, both of which add feelings of optimism, generosity, and good fortune. This is a time of balance, aligned with the Autumn Equinox (which is just two days later). It is also a wonderful balance between the grounded Virgo Sun and the etherial, transcendent Pisces Moon. A wonderful time to really follow your intuition for what’s next for you.

This is also a time to remind you that our Autumn Equinox ceremony on Facebook Live is happening this coming Saturday at 5:00 pm. You may want to tune into that.

We also want to remind you of the Sedona Psychic Autumn Equinox Festival coming up on Sept 25th at Unity of Sedona from 9 am – 3 pm.

You may check back on previous entries to get more details on each of these events.

Blessings of the full moon to you and yours!

Sedona’s Psychic Equinox Festival

We will be participating as vendors in the Sedona’s Psychic Equinox Festival on September 25th from 9am – 3pm at Unity of Sedona. We will be offering psychic soul readings using Druid Animal Oracle cards, and also have books for sale, including our Druid book, Ancient Wisdom Now, and our Journey of Awakening book, a link to both of which can be found on our website. We would love for you to join us. More information about the vendors is here: https://sedonaspsychicequinoxfestival.com/vendors/

More information about the Festival is here: https://sedonaspsychicequinoxfestival.com/

New Moon in Virgo, Sept 6th

The new moon in September is on September 6th at 5:22 pm AZ Time (PDT). This new moon is in the sign of Virgo, known for groundedness, attention to detail, and healing. This is a time to do the inner work on old wounds and allow transformation to take place to prepare for the upcoming seasons. This is also a time to celebrate the harvest – to celebrate our successes for the past month and for the past few seasons.