New Moon in Aquarius on Jan 21st

The New Moon is Saturday, January 21st, 2023 at 1:53 pm AZ time (MST). Both the Sun and Moon are in Aquarius which adds excitement and uniqueness to our projects.

It’s a time for teamwork and humanitarianism, so seeing the big picture and connecting with others is key. This is also a time for healing and transmutation., so we hold space for ourselves as well as for the entire world. As we heal, so the world heals.

Mercury is direct again as of Jan 18th so communications will improve. There are also favorable aspects to Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto which brings optimism and enthusiasm.

Watch the video to learn more.

Imbolc – the tender promise of Spring

Imbolc marks the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This is a time of hope and beauty, an appreciation of the warmth of hearth and family, and the tender promise of Spring, when life is born anew. Come and join Druids of the Light as we acknowledge this gentle, loving season of newness in a traditional way with a sacred sharing of candlelight and poetry, as we honor Brighid, the triple goddess of healing, inspiration, and hearth.  We will be meeting on Facebook Live on Saturday afternoon, February 4th, 2023 at 5:00 pm, to celebrate this gentle time of promise. The ceremony is approximately 30 minutes long. Suggested love offering of $10.

Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn on January 6th

The full moon is Friday, January 6, 2023 at 4:08 pm MST. This Wolf Moon is about self-reflection, gratitude, and Magic. It’s a time of fresh new beginnings. Be open to inspirations and be kind to others.

For this Full moon, the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Cancer. With the Sun in Capricorn, we are still quite practical and focusing on security and empowerment. The moon in Cancer is more caring and brings up feelings and sensitivity, especially around home and family. Take care of yourself. Be forgiving of yourself and others. And recognize your place in the Great Family of Humanity. This is the reason you are here.

Watch the video to learn more.