Expect the unexpected

This month I “unexpectedly” attended Pantheacon. I say unexpectedly, because up until about 10 days before, I hadn’t planned on attending. But as things would have it, a friend called me, asked if I was going, and after checking out flights, etc., it all seemed to just fall into place. So, there I was, just a bit over a week ago, in San Jose, registering for Pantheacon. I am SO happy I went, for SO many reasons. One reason is because I got to hang out with my Druid friends from some of the organizations I have participated with in the past. AND, when I told them about Druids of the Light, I felt acceptance for my path, which was really great! In addition, next year, we are collaborating with the several Druid groups to have a greater presence, and I am part of that collaboration. That is so awesome!

I also got to attend two of the talks given by Orion Foxwood, and again, as has been true in the past, I was so impressed by what I heard. In fact, by the end of his Friday talk, I was in tears, as I realized that we have the same mission, but in our own way. I also attended his Monday talk with also confirmed our spirit alliance. I am very much hoping we can do some collaboration in the future, but even if that doesn’t happen, it feels so good to find kindred spirits like this. In fact, I have included some of his teachings in the Clergy training offered by Druids of the Light, as I feel it is that important!

So… be open to listening to the beings guiding our lives….  one never knows what can come out of that moment. I am SO grateful that I listened and followed through.