Spring Equinox Ceremony – a Time of Balance and New Beginnings

Spring Equinox marks the time of balance between the dark time and the light time, winter and summer, night and day; a time of rebirth, of planting seeds….Come and join us as we celebrate the exuberance of Nature as she bursts forth to receive the warm and penetrating Sun in the creation of new generations.

The ceremony takes place on Saturday, March 20th, 5:00 pm – Facebook Live, on the Druids of the Light FB page and will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Suggested love offering of $10.

Druid Linda Mae has been following the path of the ancient Druids almost 30 years. She is the Founder and Arch Druid Priestess of Druids of the Light, which focuses on anchoring the Light of the Heavens onto the Earth. She has been presenting public rituals and classes all over the United States since 1992. Her book, Ancient Wisdom Now, is available in the Unity of Sedona bookstore, and on Amazon and Lulu.com.

For more information or questions, please email Linda Mae at DruidLinda@gmail.com.

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