Full Buck Moon – Aquarius/Leo July 23rd, 2021

The Full Moon in July is on Friday, July 23rd at 7:37 pm, AZ (PDT) time. A full moon is a time of bringing things to completion, and beneath the glow if THIS full buck moon, you feel centered, grounded, and replenished – ready to bring your dreams and intentions to fruition.

The Sun’s Leo energy of action and pride is further defined by the Moon’s Aquarius water bearer – the ability to collect the emotions of the world and transform them, bringing about a shift in consciousness. It’s a nourishing act that can bring about healing, if we can ride through the transformations that come, let go of what doesn’t work anymore, and integrate the lessons presented. Change is in the air, so definitely look at where you can shift directions to further your goals and bring about an abundant harvest.