New Moon in Scorpio on October 25th

This New Moon period is beginning early Sunday, October 25th at 3:49 pm AZ time (PDT). This time represents the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another, which means that both the Sun and Moon are astrologically in the same sign, and on Oct. 25th, they are both in Scorpio.

The new moon is usually a time of new beginnings, and this New Moon is a bit of a whirlwind due to the intensity and emotional nature of Scorpio, as well as some of the aspects to this new moon, which is also a Solar Eclipse. So, it’s actually best to go with the flow this time around.

One of the BEST aspects to this New Moon is a conjunction with Venus, the planet of Love and Relationship, so you may be making new priorities in regards to such, especially in the direction of understanding and fairness.

There is also an alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, which will help with the inner emotional work that will arise. There are aspects to Uranus and Saturn that can bring about some sudden changes. This particular aspect can also help bring about revolutionary shifts in our social structures and collective values.

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Also, please note that we will be holding our Samhain ceremony on October 29th at 4:30 pm on Facebook Live. You can tune in then, or watch the replay which will be available after. Also, please consider donating something to Druids of the Light if you can. You can donate right on our Druids of the Light Facebook page. We are asking this, as our donations have been low and this is one of the ways we can fund these online events.

Full Hunter Moon in Aries-Libra on Oct 9, 2022

This Full Moon period begins on Sunday afternoon on October 9th and is exact at 1:55 pm AZ (PST) time. Also known as the Hunter’s Moon, this is the time when hunters would go out to catch game for the coming winter.

We have a full moon when the sun and moon are considered in opposition, and at the time of this full moon, the sun is in Libra, and the moon will be entering Aries on 8:57 am on October 8th, and will be exactly opposed the Sun on October 9th at 1:55 pm.

Some folks say that this particular full moon will focus on relationships, partially due to the Sun being in Libra, the sign of partnership, but also due to a close conjunction with Venus, the planet of love and romance. Much of this energy will have to do with finding the balance between your needs and the needs of others. And interestingly, the Hunter’s Moon is often thought of as the moon of Love and good luck.

This is also a great time to do your inner healing – especially before the dark half of the year. Face your wounds and surrender them, so that you are in a better space to let go of the old and prepare for the new. This is also tempered by Chiron – the asteroid of the wounded healer – which is also joining forces with this Full Moon. When we surrender, we are letting go and opening to forgiveness, which actually gives us more courage and confidence to go forward.

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A few more bits of news…. First, our Samhain ceremony will be on October 29th at 4:30 pm on Facebook Live. I will be posting more about that in the next week or so. And as for the online classes, I am having some challenges with finding the right platform, so it may be postponed for a while longer, although my hope was to start just after Samhain. I will definitely keep you informed about it all.