New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd

This New Moon period begins Wednesday afternoon on November 23rd at 3:57 pm AZ Time (MST).

Astrologically, this means that both the Sun and Moon are both in Sagittarius. The new moon is usually a time of new beginnings, and this New Moon gives you an optimistic approach to life and the belief that things will get better. It’s a time to reset and recharge, especially after the eclipse season!

It IS a time of new beginnings. As we have been clearing out the old through the process of harvest, we are now opening to the new to come in. The energy of Sagittarius is adventurous and philosophical. You want to expand your horizons. This energy inspires us to find wisdom in the journey, and we may feel a welcome lightness as we move out of the intensity of Scorpio and into the optimistic, inspiring Sagittarius energy. It’s a wonderful time to manifest, to attract abundance, and see the bright side of things.

Watch the video for more information.

The next full moon is on December 7th, and i will be back to tell you more.

Winter Solstice will be on December 17th, hopefully on Facebook Live like usual. I’ll keep you informed!

Full Moon in Taurus-Scorpio on Nov. 8th

We are beginning this Full Moon period on Tuesday morning on November 8th and which is exact at 4:02 AZ (MST) time… also known as the Beaver Moon, due to this becoming a time when beavers would be building their winter dams and hunters would set traps to capture the heavy pelts to keep warm in the winter.

At the time of this full moon, the sun is in Scorpio, and the moon will be exactly opposed the Sun on November 8th at 4:02 am. Some folks say that this particular full moon is considered a reflection of our hearts and emotions (Scorpio) vs our power and determination (Taurus) so be prepared for some butting of heads, and that this also has to do with soul karma seeing as this full moon is also a lunar eclipse. Because eclipses bring endings, shifts and leaps into new states of being, it could be very intense. Ultimately, the lesson is to let go of drama and power plays, and appreciating basic values. Change for the better is a good motto to hold for this time, especially since there will be change during this moon phase.

Watch the video to learn more….