Full Moon in Libra-Aries on April 5th

This Full Moon period is beginning Wednesday night, April 5th, and is exact at 9:34 pm AZ (PDT) time (which means April 6th at 12:34 am EDT). This is known as the Full Pink Moon due to the time when little pink flowers (moss phlox) spreads across the ground in early spring, as well as the blooming of other flowers. It is sometimes called The Budding Moon or the Sugarbush Moon, and there is much optimism and enthusiasm at this time. The Best is Yet to Come.

We have a full moon when the sun and moon are considered in opposition. Astrologically, this means that both the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs, and at the time of this full moon, the sun is in Aries, and the moon will be entering Libra on April 4th, and will be exactly opposed the Sun on April 5th at 9:34 pm. Libra is associated with our relationships and how we interact within them, as well as fairness, justice, and “otherness.” It’s a time of lightness and benevolence and establishing equilibrium. Because the Sun is still in Aries, we need to remember to be responsible and act maturely when dealing with others.

There are two major aspects that bear mentioning. First, this Full Moon coincides with a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, so it is a time to do your inner healing and be aware of not wounding others. Also this full moon is opposite Jupiter in Aries, so be sure to stand up and fight for your goals, but in doing so, remember it is more important to focus on the greater good than on your ego self.

Watch the video to learn more.

Our Beltane ceremony will be on April 29th at 6:00 pm. More on this soon.